Wednesday, August 10, 2022 18:08


I apologize for not being around. I’ve been… distracted. Election day is around the corner, after all, and as my campaign managers seem to have become preoccupied I’ve been doing my best to make a final push. I’ve been trying to host a few rallies, but everyone who shows up just seems very confused. To be frank, I’m increasingly depressed about my victory prospects. People here just don’t appreciate the value of evil.

I did see something interesting on your forum today, however. A suggestion that we may be able to┬áre-fictionalize ourselves with stories we create, rather than waiting around for you people. This certainly sounds appealing — I for one, have had enough of waiting. I have done some research into how re-fictionalization works, and I believe I will attempt it tonight.

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  1. Sicon says:

    Best of luck. If I hear no more from you, I shall assume you have returned to your true lands where your evil has a purpose.

    Have fun, and tell the flying monkeys hello for us!

  2. QXZenith says:

    I’m delighted that you came across and accept my offer!

    I must stipulate, however, that in order for the refictionalization to take effect, it must follow Mr. Administrator’s parameters. This includes invoking the tropes found in the “echo” comics that have occurred in relation to you.

    While one of those echo comics has been located (and the trope therein is believed to be Personal Rain Cloud), another is still extant– the echo that was created at the Legends Shopping Mall in Kansas City.

    I don’t know if you will be able to self-refictionalize until that echo has been located and its trope identified– but I sincerely hope, for your sake, that it works! (If not, please keep us updated; I and my associates find your scientific research and experimental data to be invaluable.)

    Mr. Administrator’s only other requirement is that the story be narratively satisfying and well-written– I have perfect faith in you on that account.

    Best of luck,

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