Wednesday, August 10, 2022 17:19

So that last burst of hope? Yeah, turns out, it came entirely from not understanding how these prediction maps work.

I hate your stupid world. No one appreciates what evil has to offer here.

I want to go home.

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  1. You\'r true fan says:

    I do hope everyone votes for you next election

  2. Sarah T says:

    …So, um… are you planning on killing us, and if so, do I still get my flying monkey first?

    • AceOfSpades says:

      I think she was supposed to give you the flying monkey. The Flying monkey was supposed to kill you and then bring your head to her hideout to prove the deed was done.

  3. Gregalicious says:

    I am very sorry, witch. The two party election system had overcome all of our wicked planning. I am very disappointed with these results. I regret that I was unable to turn my own heavily republican state of Texas to our cause.

    But it’s probably for the best. We’re getting closer to being able to send you back home. Once you return to Oz, you’re vileness will be more appreciated.

    • Sarah T says:

      Yeah that’s a pretty damn good point there. After all you can take the master of villainy out of the Emerald City, but you can’t take the Emerald city out of the master of villainy.

      Anyway, witch, we’re sorry that we failed you so… specutacularly and would appreciate not getting into serious trouble as a resukt. There was really no predicting that. I’m still not entirely sure what even happened with Kansas…

  4. AceOfSpades says:

    Better luck next time.

  5. Adell says:

    Did the people of Oz appreciate your evil?

  6. Julius says:

    Do you finally see why this world has nothing to offer for you? Do you see why you now belong in your original domain?

    Over the course of your troubles you have encountered every form of evil this world had to offer, but you were dimayed to see that what evil was here, was not your ideal version of evil there. Unfortunately I must burst the bubble.

    The evil here is completely no different to the evil you are doing. The only difference being is how you go about it. You have spent your time trying to change a world that is already mired in torture, greed, selfishness, death, and sickness. You are not the first person to try and fail and take over.

    Over the course of this earth\’s spinning, thousands of people have tried and failed to overcome impossible obstacles. Some chose world domination, others chose ultimate power, and some chose immortality. These all ended in failure might I add.

    This planet is a collective of the minds of individuals with goals, here every person\’s vision counts to the point where it doesn\’t count. In your world, you have a dream and you can accomplish it because you are a central figure with minor characters. In our world nobody can be a main character because everyone is a main character.

    The collective is an impossible concept to destroy and as long as it lives, your dreams of taking us over are all for naught. The hearts and minds of individuality thrive in this diverse world like fire upon the forest. As long as that source of individuality remains, your wooden arrows will only meet steel shields.

    I dislike to be blunt but I feel I must say it or else nobody will. I am sorry, but you will never take us over and never achieve what you want in this world. Our evils were never different. This world has more suffering than you can wave a stick at. The only problem was is they didn\’t want YOU committing the evil.

    However, I beseech you. Why do you continue this \”EVIL MUAHAHAHA!\” personality since you are no longer in the story and have a mind of your own? Haven\’t you learnt from your experiences here what it is to be treated like a bug in the mud in this world? Haven\’t you seen how we suffer? How YOU suffer? We provided you with help and consolence, we could have done what you would do in our position and just made things worse because it is \”Delightfully Evil\” but we did not.

    We did everything we could to help you and you even said before that you appreciated our help. Don\’t you like help? Isn\’t help good? Then why would you deny many good by being evil and still accept our good graces?

    You don\’t need to be evil anymore. The world bows before you now.

    The Wicked Witch of the West, The Dark, The Scheming, The Creative.
    Shall you break apart these old stereotype of you and become something even better? Or will you bow down to the story that dictated your life for more than a century?

  7. Julius says:

    Forgive the myriad of dashes found in my last post. My keyboard is being posh with me.

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