Wednesday, August 10, 2022 16:53

Harumph, President Nieto. Harumph.

Well, it would appear that Mexico has a new president as of…yesterday. Congratulations for that. Ruining all my plans. Bah.

I’ve decided to it is time to learn Spanish. If I’m going to be in Mexico – or anywhere south of the United States – I should know how to communicate properly. (I should probably learn some Portuguese as well, though that should come easily after knowing some Spanish from what I have gathered.)

What would be the best way to go about learning the language? I am aware that classroom Spanish is not necessarily the language that is spoken, and I also know that there is bound to be regional variance. Where should I start?

Specifically, I would like to know if there exist particular phrases that will help me in my eventual takeover of the world. That is, if I stay here. I would still prefer to go home.

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  1. QXZenith says:

    Well, I speak a little Spanish, but it\’s not my first language, so I should probably leave teaching it to you for the experts.

    But there is one phrase that I\’ve found has helped me immensely in my takeovers, in any language, that I feel I should share with you in Spanish: \”Soy un pez.\” Say that, and all the doors will open before you.


    *It should be noted that this phrase simply means \”I am a fish.\” I don\’t know why it\’s as effective as it is, but I can say it in nearly 30 languages, and it hasn\’t failed me yet.

  2. Dryunya says:

    I only know one phrase, too. “Mi aerodeslizador está lleno de anguilas”. It seems to be pretty universal, just use it in an appropriate context.

  3. Blurred_9L says:

    Well if you want to learn any language, not only Spanish, you should get involved with people who speak both, the language you want to learn and the one you speak already. Since you’re already at the border, there should be plenty of people who speak both (although how good they do it is another matter).
    Mexican people are generally nice people so if you approach them without ill intent they’ll probably help you. “Hola, ¿Cómo estas?” is your standard greeting, it means “Hello, how are you?”. Most Mexican people are social people, so it should get you started. There are other greetings like “¡Qué onda!” which could be translated to something like “What’s up?”.
    If you want to introduce yourself you could say “Mi nombre es… *name here*” or “Yo soy… *nombre aqui*”. The first one is “Mi name is…” the second one is “I am”. Do be careful when using the verb to be as in Spanish it translates to either “ser” or “estar”. Kind of hard to explain how that works out here.
    Finally as a word of advice, a lot of Mexicans use “wey” or “we” to refer to other people. It’s not an offensive word, it just like saying “dude” or anything to that effect.
    Also, as for phrases that might help you, I’m not really sure about it, but maybe you could say “Necesitamos un cambio en este pais” = “We need change in this country”. Also try to sympathise with them and their problems, that will help you a bit.
    If you need anything else or have any questions you just need to ask.

  4. Dryunya says:

    Good news, lady Witch! We have found your final echo, and that means we may start the refictionalization process! You’ll get home soon, and this time I mean _soon_. It’s a matter of days.

  5. Gregalicious says:

    Madam Witch? You there? The time for sending you home is quickly approaching. But we really need to know where you are right now, and if you can find somebody nearby willing to read a story to you.

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